Wood and Finishes

AWLGRIP® white G8010 marine epoxy is the standard on all Richardson Allen painted outdoor garden and site furnishings. We apply Awlgrip® in an eight layer spray process onto solid mahogany hardwood. Awlgrip’s® microscopic polyester paint fibers create a durable interlocking weave. This crisscross dynamic of the paint has unsurpassed strength and longevity, making it the preferred marine grade topcoat. Click here to view other available Awlgrip® Colors. As an additional service to our clients, Richardson Allen can have any custom color mixed to match a provided color sample. To view some Richardson Allen Custom Finishes click this link: Custom Finishes.

Clear Coats are sprayed in multiple layers to form a hard, durable finish on unpainted or stained furniture. Richardson Allen is frequently specified for public indoor spaces such as airports, hotels and malls. We match existing millwork with a variety of wood species such as oak and maple, and then customize stain to match any shade.

Sapele Mahogany  is our wood choice for all Richardson Allen painted outdoor furniture. It has an excellent resistance to decay, and because of its interlocking, porous grain it offers a superb surface adhesion for Awlgrip® epoxy marine paint. Mahogany is among the most durable of hardwoods. Left outdoors years round, it’s warm reddish brown tone transforms into a smooth silver-grey patina. Natural Mahogany can also be stained for outdoor use. If a darker shade is desired, we recommend a wood preservative.

Teak  is the premier wood choice when a natural unfinished look is desired. With high oil-resin content, Teak is unequaled for longevity in an outdoor environment. Historically used on submarine decks, teak will last for decades underwater. We suggest that natural teak be left unfinished, allowing it to weather to a silver grey patina.


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